I SING BEIJING Captures Attention of the World
Link here to a Collage of Media Clips

I SING BEIJING captured the attention of media around the world, generating coverage in the United States, Great Britain, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. Some of the highlights included BBC World News television, print and radio, Associated Press print and television, The Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine, National Public Radio, EFE (Spanish News Agency), NBC Television and a select and prominent group of Chinese television and newspapers.

Sampling of I SING BEIJING Media:

Major International Media

New York Times, 2/20/13

China Daily, 2/22/13

China Daily, USA, 2/17/13

CCTV1 International 2/9/13

Wall Street Journal, 2/8/13

International Business News, 2/8/13

Opera Magazine UK, 12/2012

Sinovision 4/11/2012

China Daily, 8/24/12

CCTV English, 8/29/12

Classical Singer Magazine, 12/11

National Public Radio - ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, 9/6/11

BBC World Service Print, 8/19/11

BBC World Service Television 8/19/11

BBC Radio 8/19/11

Associated Press 8/19/11

Global Times, 8/16/11

Time Magazine, 8/15/11

MSNBC Television, 8/15/11

Los Angeles Times, 8/14/11

EFE International 7/29/11

Global Times 7/20/11

China Daily, 7/20/11

Regional Media

Lockhaven Express, Pennsylvania, 4/6/13

The Daily Helmsman, University of Memphis, 2/21/12

Hartford, Courant, 10/16/12

TIME OUT New York, 2/7/13

Denver Post, 3/18/13

U-T San Diego, 2/15/2013

WNET TV Arts, 2/7/13

NY1 Television, 2/14/13


People's Daily, English, 8/27/12

People's Daily, English, 8/16/12

Timeout Beijing, 8/27/12

SINA City Guide, China, 8/27/12

China News TV, 8/25/11

Timeout Beijing, 8/8/11

The Beijinger, 8/16/11

People's Daily, 8/22/11

National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing
, 8/28/12

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